Haunt Me by Heather Long

Ghosts, Haunted Houses & Romance! Oh My!

The story was a good one. Justin’s father’s will has a clause that requires Justin and his siblings to help revive their hometown, Penny Hollow. If Justin and his siblings cannot fulfill this clause, they will not receive their inheritance. The town’s comeback plan involves drawing tourists to take haunted house tours there. Penny Hollow’s elders feel that the acquisition of Summerfield Estate, long known to be haunted, is critical to the town’s plan. Justin sets about to make that happen even though he doesn’t believe in ghosts.

However, when Katherine Summerfield, the elderly recluse who owns the home, dies and leaves Summerfield Estate to MacKenzie Dillon, an author, instead of Justin and the town, Justin’s plan to obtain the house for the town is put in jeopardy. Justin vows to make it happen no matter what he has to do.

Mac is still reeling from an acrimonious divorce coupled with finding out that her ex-douche had also left her deeply in debt. Receiving Katherine’s house is a lifeline she desperately needs and Mac sees the home as her new start. When her sexy neighbor, Justin, pays her a visit as she is moving in, she doesn’t exactly give him a friendly welcome. She knows that he is the one behind the offers she’s had pressuring her to sell her new home and she is not interested in whatever he wants.

I want my own Justin! He’s a caring, sensual guy who happens to be a talented home builder specializing in refurbishments. What a find! Mac was a successful author who hasn’t been able to write since her marriage fell apart. However, once she moves into her new haunted home, writing becomes an unrelenting passion. Both of them, unbeknownst to the other, are experiencing disturbing flashbacks to a previous time. Are their destinies sealed or will they be able to trust each other and change the hands of fate?

An enjoyable read!

3 1/2 stars!


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