The Prophecy (The Fulfillment Series, #1) by Eric Albert

A YA Fantasy You Won’t Want To Put Down!

For 17 years, Layla had lived in the kingdom of Vanguard with her parents and two step-brothers. Compared to the people of Vanguard, she was different with long black hair and striking purple eyes. Against the wishes of her family, she insisted on attending a celebration in her village. She could just taste the treat she hoped to find there.. the special sweet baked rolls only made twice a year.

This year, though, her life took a dramatic turn there as she was whisked away to fulfill a Prophecy. She was to marry the Prince in a neighboring kingdom – one which had been at war against her people for ages. As bad as that is, she has no idea what twists and turns she will face …

Wow! What a ride this story was! I loved the story and the characters were vividly portrayed. I loved the chemistry between Layla and Nash… and Will too – though I was firmly in Team Nash. One warning: I hate cliffhanger endings and this one certainly has one. Now… when is the next book coming out?

Very good debut read!!!!

4 Stars!!!!


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