Haunting Lia by Shannon Eckrich

Lia was an orphan and had been tossed around in the system until she was given a loving foster home along with Chelsea, another orphan. Even though they were so different, they became blood sisters and inseparable.

Lia has always seen monsters but this is a secret that she never tells Chelsea who goads her into going thru a haunted house at a fair. Not a good idea… As Lia runs out screaming, she smacks right into Aiden, a stuck-up prep boy too good looking for his own good. That was not a good start for their relationship.

Lia and Chelsea leave the fair and have a flat tire on the way home. As they’re tending to their car, they are hit by 2 cars taking Chelsea’s life. Lia sees all this and watches the catastrophic events unfold as a spirit but then spirit Aiden (of all people) sends her back to her body which doesn’t endear him to her any more. Lia doesn’t cope well with the loss of her sister, taking pills, refusing to cooperate with her family or therapist and even dabbles in drugs and liquor but the accompanying increased monster activity has her teetering on the edge of survival. Then spirit Aiden re-enters the picture.

I picked up this book as an Amazon Prime free rental. I had seen all the wonderful reviews and it truly sounded like I would love it. However, I had trouble connecting to the characters and Lia was beyond exasperating. At least it ended well. I did finish it but I’m not a fan of the book. I had no issue with the writing. Most of it was very sad and I don’t normally read books that make me sad. I guess this is a case of different strokes for different folks as I cannot fathom the high reviews.

2 stars!


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