Love At Stake by Victoria Davies


Abbey is a human who works for Fated Match, a supernatural dating agency. Abbey found out about supernaturals because her Mom is a beaver shifter having been accidentally bit. Business is slow at the agency until they take on Lucien, a VERY SEXY old and powerful vampire. Even though Abbey is normally an admin at the agency, Lucien insists that she handle his account at the agency. This causes issues with Abbey’s comfort level and with her boss, her co-workers and the agency’s other clients.

Lucien is obviously determined to get Abbey into his bed but she fights her attraction to him as she’s knows it would leave him satisfied and her heartbroken. Lucien is insistent, arrogant, overbearing, infuriating, HOT, HOT, HOT and totally swoon-worthy! The whole book is funny AND addictive with vampires, werewolfs, sirens, and more!

Love at Stake was a TOTALLY AWESOME, FUN, AND TITILLATING read! I was swept away by the story and the characters.

I LOVED IT and want to read more by this author!



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