Greta And The Goblin King (Mylena Chronicles #1) by Chloe Jacobs

The Labyrinth is one of my all-time favorite movies so I knew I HAD to read this book and I wasn’t disappointed even though the story is much different.

The book begins a few years after Greta had saved her brother from being stuck in Mylena, a land of goblins, faeries, and continual freezing weather. In Mylena, humans are enslaved and hunted. Unfortunately, Greta was not able to save herself when she saved her brother and she has been stuck in Mylena ever since.

Greta was one of the “lucky” humans as she was found and taken in by a sprite who hid her, taught her how to hide her humanity and trained her to hunt the Lost, which are ghouls whose dark sides have taken over their psyches. She has become an acclaimed bounty hunter and, just as in the movie, Greta, our heroine, has caught the eye of sexy, arrogant, caring and funny Isaac, the Goblin King.

Greta fights her attraction to Isaac as she knows that their relationship would never work. It’s difficult, though, to escape him as he visits her in her dreams. OMG… what dreams they were!!!!! Isaac was awesome and definitely swoon-worthy!

When her sprite guardian is tragically murdered, Greta sets out to revenge his death and stop the evil entity responsible for his death. Even worse, Greta now finds that she has a bounty on her head as that same evil entity wants her. When Greta comes upon a camp of humans, they remind her of her brother and she finds herself feeling responsible for them too.

I hate cliff-hangers and there’s not one here but the last few chapters are nail-biters. There’s no way I could put the book down for anything near the end.

If you like YA reads with never-ending action, twists and turns galore, pick this book up! IF you loved the Goblin King in The Labyrinth, you’ll for sure love this!


4 1/2 stars!!!!!


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